The futuristic dinnerware with an Environment friendly mindfulness.

About Us

Our Success Story

A project for “Save Nature For Future” by manufacturing the Wonder-dinnerware- "Areca Plates". We are in the middle of an Environmental crisis. It is the ethical responsibility of the current generation of people to protect and give back the Earth as we received it from our ancestors. This can be achieved only through switching back to Eco-friendly and Bio-Degradable products. That’s where the idea of utilising these amazing Dinnerware as an alternative to Plastics has become fruitful. This “Wealth from waste concept” is an on-going process by New Gen Ecogreen.

  • We are Experts

    Made from 100% Bio-degradable and renewable resources, Eco Green Plates can truly be called the Eco-Friendly solution to the Environmental problems. We have been supporting this great initiative of avoiding the chemicals in any form like Dyes, Waxes, Cleaning liquids etc., for the past 10 years. We are continuously working to create new products and become even more sustainable than ever before.

  • We Are Certified

    Our Products have been certified in the Leading Laboratories to be free of Plastic and other synthetic Organic Materials. Every container we use for shipping are fumigated to the highest possible degree to ensure that the Products reach you in the best quality. We assure you 100% Transit Damage free and 0% Anti-Fungal due to the utmost care taken while manufacturing and packaging of the products.


Why Choose Our Service

Our Goal

Our goal is to eradicate things which are harmful to our environment. Plastics is one of the major sources of Land, Water, Air pollution. Killing plastics will move us a lot closer to the beautiful environment Nature has gifted us with. Providing employment opportunities to the self-help groups, women, Unemployed youth are additional blessings we receive in this sustainable service of Areca plate manufacturing.

The main beneficiaries of this initiative are: -

• Areca Nut farmers (An Extra Income through wasted leaves)

•Leaf collection Labours.




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